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What Is GPA?

“A Protein Advantage is having industry knowledge and access to all major protein suppliers at your disposal. Detailed analysis on current markets and trends. Direct access to major producers, with cost analysis and comparison features. Custom programs tailored to your needs. All wrapped up in a program that allows you to react to change and get results. Yearly double digit growth! That is the definition of GPA.”

Dan Reese - Centerpoint Meats - 2016 GPA Distributor of the Year

Corporate Level Purchasing

We have developed long term relationships with all packers at the corporate level and gone through extensive negotiations to deliver the highest service and value.

Daily Market Updates

We continually monitor relevant market sources and pull together daily and weekly market updates. This service keeps our distributor members up to date on market swings and industry news to better inform their buying decisions.

Weekly Negotiated Pricing

One of the most time-consuming areas of purchasing is gathering weekly pricing from your vendors to make your buying decisions. We have gone through negotiations with all the packers we deal with and offer weekly negotiated pricing that keeps our distributor members competitively positioned throughout the year. This benefit allows for more time spent on growing and managing the distributors marketing area.

Daily Packer Push List

We are in constant contact with our our suppliers to provide our members access to current packer inventory levels and daily deals. This save you time that you can use to grow your sales!

Golbon Protein Advantage: Who We Are

Golbon Protein Advantage (GPA) was created to offer specialty center-of-the-plate distributors an additional marketing arm and industry support. The employees of GPA have extensive backgrounds in protein sales and procurement, along with intensive knowledge of market conditions. GPA lets Golbon distributors stay ahead with favorable pricing and profits.

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